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The Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science is simultaneously divided into overarching research theme groups and academic divisions. The following is a list of the various research groups Rosenstiel School:
Aircraft Center for Earth Studies
Contact: Ved Chirayath

National Resource for Aplysia
Contacts: Michael Schmale,  Lynne Fieber

Contacts: Daniel Benetti, John Stieglitz

Barbados Atmospheric Chemistry Observatory
Contact: Cassandra Gaston

Beal Lab
Lisa Beal
Benthic Ecology and Coral Restoration Lab
Diego Lirman

Physical-Biological Interactions Laboratory
Claire Paris
Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment (CARTHE)
Tamay Özgökmen

Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies
Benjamin Kirtman

Climate Change, Variabilty and Prediction
Contacts: Amy Clement, Benjamin Kirtman, and Brian Soden

Climate Risks and Preparedness
Contact: Katharine Mach
Cloud-Aerosol-Rain Observatory (CAROb)
Contact: Paquita Zuidema

Marine Organic and Isotope Geochemistry
Contact: Hilary Close
Coastal and Shelf Modeling
Contact: Villy Kourafalou

Coral Reef Futures Lab
Contact: Andrew Baker

Digital Coral Reef Project
Contact: John W. McManus

Dry Tortugas
Contact: Jerry Ault

Experimental Fish Hatchery

Gaston Dust and Marine Aerosol Lab
Contact: Cassandra Gaston

Holt Geodynamics Group
Contact: Adam Holt

The Environmental Physiology and Toxicology Lab
Contact: Martin Grosell

Hansell Organic Biogeochemistry Lab
Contact: Dennis Hansell
Rosenstiel Hurricane Hub
Contact: Brian McNoldy

Kamenkovich Research Group
Contact: Igor Kamenkovich
Lagrangian Analysis Prediction of Coastal Ocean Dynamics
Contact: Arthur Mariano

Majumdar Research Group
Contact: Sharan Majumdar

Ocean Acidification Coral Laboratory
Contact: Chris Langdon

OceanScope on Royal Caribbean Ships
Contact: Peter Ortner
Ocean Surface Currents
Contact: Arthur Mariano

Ocean Technology Lab
Contact: William E Johns

Oehlert Biogeochemistry Lab
Contact: Amanda Oehlert

Peace in South China Sea
Contact: John McManus
Underwater Landscape Mosaics for Coral Reef Mapping and Monitoring
Contact: Pamela Reid

rescue a reef

Rescue a Reef

Rescue a Reef
Contact: Diego Lirman
Relationships of Effects of Cardiac Outcomes in fish for Validation of Ecological Risk
Contact: Martin Grosell

Shark Research and Conservation (SRC)
Contact: Neil Hammerschlag

The Toadfish Lab
Contact: Danielle McDonald

The Tritium Laboratory
Contact: Jim Happell
Upper Ocean Dynamics
Contact: Lynn Shay