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Marine Mammal Science Lab

The Rosenstiel Marine Mammal Science Lab outreach team is led by Dr. Maria Cartolano and is dedicated to the conservation of local and global marine mammal species through the process of education, community engagement, scientific discovery, and innovation. Our scientists are passionate about sharing their knowledge for marine mammals with the community. During outreach presentations and demonstrations, we showcase the incredible anatomical adaptations of different species and let you listen in on marine mammal “conversations” to better understand the impacts of human generated noise in the ocean. 

Additionally, we take students through a mock scenario in which we, as a unified team, respond to a marine mammal in distress on a beach, including medical diagnostics and considerations, while reviewing the many threats marine mammals face and what YOU can do to protect them!  

The Marine Mammal Science Lab participates in a variety of outreach events hosted by the Rosenstiel school. Additionally, we have virtual and in-person presentations designed for students and adults of all ages and look forward to sharing them with you.  

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